Advanced: Wave2 & AIDA3

NT$ 17600

VD offers the most comprehensive advanced freediving training in Taiwan. In this course, we will look into the science behind freediving, fine-tune your techniques, and learn how to train safely-both on dry and in the water. With us, freediving is a lifestyle. We aim to bring you the balance of science and art of freediving. Continue your progress with us and explore the endless possibilities.

Course information

  • Advanced physics & physiology knowledge
  • Advanced Frenzel techniques
  • Mental techniques
  • Freefall
  • Dolphin kicks
  • DNF 
  • CNF
  • Stretching for freediving
  • OxygenAdvantage training method
  • You will be provided with online course materials which you should preview before attending the online theory class.
  • 2 pool sessions including training concept, advanced water skills, advanced Frenzel techniques, daily stretch routine.
  • 4 ocean depth sessions: flexible dates. Depth up to 30 metres.

Inclusive of

  • Travel insurance on the ocean training days
  • Equipment during the course period
  • Pool entry fee
  • Online learning materials
  • Certification (upon completion of all requirements)
  • Get discount if you sign up in a group of 3 or more people.

Holding certification of Wave1, AIDA2, or equivalent level.

To excel in freediving requires regular practice. Join our training program and continue to develop solid freediving skills.

Base training

  • NT$ 1000/ session
  • NT$ 3500/ 4 sessions

Ocean coaching

  • NT$ 1600/ session
  • NT$ 6000/ 4 sessions

Ready to shine?

To maintain the best learning quality, we limit the number of participants to maximun 3 per instructor. Please check our availability first.