Basic: Wave1 & AIDA2

NT$ 13600

Molchanovs WAVE1 /or AIDA2 is designed for beginner to learn how to freedive safely up to 20 metres. Our courses focus on personalized training method and aim to make your learning journey safe and fun. Plus, you get to progress in your own pace! We offer schedule flexibility, so you don’t have the pressure to rush the process into 3 days. Freediving is an individual experience, and we are here to help you realise your true potential.

Course information

  • Basic physics & physiology.
  • Frenzel equalization technique.
  • Pre-dive preparation.
  • Safety, rescue, and buddying.
  • Finning, duckdive, and more water skills.
  • Static apnea.
  • Dynamic apnea with bi-fins.
  • Free immersion.
  • Constant weight bi-fins.
  • Know your equipment.
  • Pranayama.
  • You will be provided with course materials which you should preview before attending the online theory class.
  • 2 pool practice sessions. First pool session is a long session, and you will discover the magic of breath-hold, learn how to swim underwater with fins while holding your breath, and much more. The second pool session is the beginner group practice.
  • 3 open ocean diving sessions. Choose your ocean days on our calendar.

The price includes:

  • Travel insurance on ocean days.
  • Equipment during course period.
  • Pool entry fee.
  • Online learning materials.
  • Certification (upon completion of all requirements)
  • Get a discount if you sign up in groups of 3 or more people.
  • 18 years-old and above
  • In good health condition.
  • Able to swim.

Join our specialized training program and continue to develop solid freediving skills.

Base training

  • NT$ 1000/ session
  • NT$ 3500/ 4 sessions

Ocean coaching

  • NT$ 1600/ session
  • NT$ 6000/ 4 sessions

Are you ready to freedive?

To maintain the best learning quality, we limit the number of students to maximum 3 per instructor. Please check our availability first.