Beginner Freediver:

Are you ready

  • If you are aquatic and love to explore the underwater world
  • At least 18 years old
  • Fit to dive
  • Able to swim at least 200 meters without aid

What to expect

You will be amazed by how comfortable you can be in the water! You will learn the basics of freediving and all the techniques you need to dive down to 20 meters in the safest and most comfortable way. Lots of water time, tons of practice, and endless laughters with the most knowledgeable instructors in Taiwan.

What you'll learn

  • Physics and physiological basics of freediving
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Mental techniques/relaxation
  • Introduction to equalization
  • Potential trauma
  • Introductions of freediving equipment
  • Techniques: Finning technique, body position, turns, duck dives, equalization
  • Safety and rescue procedures
  • Free Immersion (FIM) & Constant Weight (CWT) to 12-20m depth
  • Dynamic diving (DYN)
  • Static breath holds (STA)

How we organize

  • Students’ ll receive online learning materials and study before meeting the instructor for theory class and pool sessions.
  • Two pool sessions. Introductions of breath-hold training, finning, dynamic apnea, and safety.
  • Three ocean diving sessions. Max depth 20 meters.
  • We offer schedule flexibility. Simply book the ocean diving sessions directly on calendar when you are ready.


NT 13600. Discount is available for group of 3 and more.

Max 3 students/per instructor

Price includes:

  • Equipment
  • Pool entry fee
  • Online learning materials
  • Certification fee upon completing the course requirements



Hear from our happy clients!

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Absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience with VD for 3 days in Xiaoliuqiu. I was really nervous about trying free-diving but Anthony and Jiayin put me at ease right from the get-go. They are both so experienced, competent and professional - they take great care with safety and give so much feedback to help you improve your technique and so much encouragement to help build confidence with each session. I'm blown away by what they helped me achieve in just 3 days - being called 'Miss 20m' on my final day was icing on the cake haha. I spent the whole weekend laughing and having fun while learning so much about free-diving and many useful skills for breathing/relaxing that I will definitely continue to use.
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5* instruction. I was really impressed about how through the classroom and water instruction was, but also really surprised how mentally difficult free diving is. I'll admit it, at times I thought I wouldn't be able to complete the course and get certified. However, with Anthony and Mike's expert guidance (and patience), I was able to get comfortable enough to get down to 15M on day 1, 16M on Day 2, and multiple 20M dives on day 3. I now feel confident I can get to 20M depths regularly and most likely static hold my breath for 3:00+. I recommend VD free diving if you want to properly learn how to safely free dive.
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A wonderful experience. Anthony and Jiayin put use at ease in a sport that can be quite daunting at first. It felt like we were all a team and anyone's success small or big was celebrated. I can't wait to do another course with them to keep learning about freediving and breathing. Thank you !
Adam S.
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Great place, amazing instructors!



For your safety, and the safety of your dive buddies, it is highly recommended that you know how to swim and be comfortable in the water before attending any freediving activities.

  • Upon signing up the course, please make the full payment within 2 days to reserve your spot.
  • Cancellations made 1 month in advance of the course date, will receive a 80% refund.
  • Cancellations made 2 weeks in advance of the course date, will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations made within 2 weeks to the course date, will not be refunded. You can choose another course date, or give your spot to a friend.
  • No refund will be issued if you drop out because of not being able to swim.

We try our best to keep track of weather reports. If the weather forecast isn’t looking good, the diving sessions will be rescheduled. Stay flexible.

We reserve the right to cancel/ reschedule the sessions if the diving conditions are bad. Safety first, and full stop.

From July to October, typhoons frequently visit Taiwan. It is wise to keep flexible schedule when you sign up for freediving courses or any water activities.

VD is operating at Taipei and Xiaoliuqiu island. The course location might change depending on the weather and dive season. Please contact us for details.

Of course. Welcome to the VD family:) We offer weekly pool training and ocean diving sessions. Get in contact now.

Yes. Upon completing the course and successfully passing the requirements, you will get a certificate issued by either AIDA or Molchanovs freediving education system. They are the two highly regarded freediving agencies in the world and the most popular ones, too.