Beginner course

Learn to freedive in Taiwan


20 meters on 1 breath!

Skill level

You will be amazed by how comfortable you can be in the water! You will learn the basics of freediving and all the techniques you need to dive down to 20 meters in the safest and most comfortable way. Be aware that this is not the standard 3-days fast course you find anywhere else. We do it BETTER! You’ll get lots of practice and tons of fun with the most knowledgeable instructors in Taiwan.


$ 16000

You need to be able to swim!!

5* instruction. I was really impressed about how through the classroom and water instruction was. With Anthony and Mike's expert guidance (and patience), I was able to get comfortably down to 15M on day 1, 16M on Day 2, and multiple 20M dives on day 3. I now feel confident I can get to 20M depths regularly and most likely static hold my breath for 3:00+. I recommend VD free diving if you want to properly learn how to safely free dive.

Fantastic course and amazing instructors. They run regular training in Taipei, too. This is the perfect place to learn freediving in Taiwan. But they're fully booked most of the time, so be quick and don't miss your chance.