Let the sea
set you FREE

What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to read the ocean and admire the beauty of the sea, while paddling out on the board and surfing the summer waves.

In the surfing class we focus on how to ride your board, to catch the wave efficiently, to balance your body, and most importantly, to read the waves and to embrace the spirit of surfing.

Course agenda includes wave studying, surfing equipment knowledge, surf etiquette, and how to manage different situations. The instructor’ll design the program according to each participant’s level. The goal is to surf good waves, to have the most fun, and do it in a safe way.

What to Bring

  • Towel
  • Clean clothes to change after surfing
  • Ocean-friendly sun block(try not to use too much sunscreen, please!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Happy mood


NT 1500

  • Enjoy 10% off discount if you sign up 2 weeks in advance, or in a group of 2 people and more.
  • Max 3 students.
  • Each session is 2 to 3 hours, depending on the ocean conditions.
  • The price includes surf board rental, shower, and rash guard/wetsuit.


The course location and meeting time will vary according to the ocean conditions. Please contact instructor Michael for more details before booking the surf class.

vd surfing course



The answer is “Yes” with a “But”. If you just wanna experience surfing, it is okay if you don’t swim well. I also have friends who love surfing but don’t know how to swim. After all, surfboard is a super float. But, for better experience of surfing and your own safety, I still recommend you to learn how to swim first.

From zero to “surf by yourself”, it may takes 2~3 lessons for most of the people to get the basic skills. But to “surf well” is a long journey. I always say that: “the best surfer is who enjoys the most”, and it doesn’t relate to your skills.

Surfboard + water = more balance work than most of the sports on land. Like all kinds of sport, It will take some practice to get used to it. During the surfing classes, we can use different sizes of surfboards to make balancing easier for you at the beginning stage.
Don’t worry about strength. I’ve met a lot of surfers who are not particularly strong, but all surf with great skills. The youngest surfer I’ve ever seen is a 6 or 7 years old girl with a shortboard in Waikiki, super amazing!

NT $1500 per session, including surfboard, wetsuit/rash guard, and shower.
All surfing lessons will be designed according to the wave conditions and student’s abilities. Each lesson will have one main goal. The core of surfing is to study wave, to paddle, and to take off (Pop up), and when all three are achieved smoothly, it will be a perfect surf.

There is no minimum requirements on how many sessions you need to take. Each surfing lesson is 2 to 3 hrs. Try to give all your best!

Use the calendar on this page or contact me on Instagram : @hungyu.0918

Weather affects just mood, but wave affects safety. If the wave condition is not safe for surfing, we will reschedule the session. If you need to reschedule the sessions for any personal reasons, please let me know 3 days in advance.

Sure! For beginners or people with zero surfing experience, the maximum number is 3 people in one time. If you are a non-swimmer, or if the waves are big, then the maximum is 2 people in one time. Safety first!

Surfing could be dangerous sometimes as we can’t control everything when we surf. The most dangerous part is actually “human”. For example, someone crashes you with a board, or you hit yourself on the board. That’s why learning how to control your surfboard and how to avoid others is very important. When out there, always be safe first, then enjoy the waves.

About sharks, I’ve never seen any at the north coast yet, but definitely jellyfish. If you’re worried about jellyfish, you can wear a rash guard.

“Toucheng – Wushi” and “Jinshan – Zhongjiao bay” are the ideal places for beginner surfers. This two places have surf shops offering surfboard rental and shower facilities. Parking is also convenient there. If you have your own surfboard and secret surf spot to go, you can tell us first.

About transportation, both locations can be reached by bus.

Another option is to take MRT to Gangqian station on the brown line to share the ride. Seats are limited, so let me know in advance.

We try our best to keep track of weather reports. If the weather forecast isn’t looking good, the sessions will be rescheduled. Stay flexible.

We reserve the right to cancel/ reschedule the sessions if the ocean conditions are bad. Safety first, and full stop.

From July to October, typhoons frequently visit Taiwan. It is wise to keep flexible schedule when you sign up for freediving/surfing courses or any water activities.