Since established in 2018, Jiayin & Anthony, the founders of VD Freediving Taiwan, have insisted on keeping the highest standard of freediving education in Taiwan. VD now has a team of experienced and dedicated instructors, and it’s famous for providing top-quality and holistic training like no one else.

We understand that freediving is a personal journey, and we are here with you every step of the way.


We also invest heavily our time in training ourselves and creating original training contents. No 2 courses at VD are the same, because we stay up-to-date, we keep improving, and we never stop. We’re VD FREEDIVING.

Give yourself a bit more time

We offer freediving training like no one else in Taiwan. All our courses are designed to enhance your learning experience, and they are WAY LONGER than the standard 3-days course you get anywhere else. At VD, you will get more water time, more practice, and of course, more progression. Learning freediving is to learn a new set of motor skills, and it takes time. If you want to properly learn how to freedive, and continue your training in Taiwan, chat with us for more info. 


freediving instructor antho


  • Molchanovs instructor trainer
  • AIDA instructor trainer
  • AIDA master instructor
  • First-aid trainer
  • Oxygen Advantage master instructor
freediving instructor jiayin


  • Molchanovs W3 instructor


  • Molchanovs W2 instructor
  • Surfing coach


freediving instructor chi


  • AIDA instructor
  • Molchanovs W2 instructor
  • Fitness coach