The Biggest Little Freediving School

Since established in 2018, Jiayin & Anthony, the founders of VD Freediving Taiwan, have insisted on keeping the highest standard of freediving education in Taiwan. With the experiences of training overseas with master mentors, they successfully built the best training center against all odds. VD now has a team of three amazing, dedicated, full-time instructors and a group of fantastic freedivers.

VD offers training and courses at Taipei & XiaoLiuQiu (小琉球) island in Taiwan. Freediving training is our core activity, and we also provide surfing classes, surf survival workshop, first-aid training, and fitness coaching. We understand that freediving is a personal journey, and we are here with you every step of the way.

What You Can Do With Us

Freediving courses from beginner to master level certified by AIDA International, the most popular and the highest-regarded freediving education agency in the world. The AIDA 4 is part of our 10-days Master Program.

Molchanovs Freediving Education is the fastest growing system featuring elite freediving athletes and abundant training contents. It is considered the future of sports freediving. We offer Wave 1 / Lap 1 all the way to Wave 3/ Lap 3 courses, as well as Base Training program.

Wave 3 is integrated as part of our 10-days Master Program.

The first and the only freediving master program in Taiwan, 10 days of training in total, designed to bring you comfortably and confidently to 40 metres. It consists of depth training, pool workout, dry training, stretching, meditation, equalization analysis, breathwork, first-aid review, and tons of freediving-related knowledge and group discussions. This program is more than just freediving. It is about the lifestyle and the mindset, and it is literally the best freediving master program in Asia.

Coaching has been our signature since we started teaching freediving in Taiwan. The training contents will be tailored to your needs. It is the most efficient way to improve your techniques and to get some more depth in a safe and effective way.

Led by Michael, this is an intense, fun, and super effective course for beginner surfers. Don’t believe you can surfer? Take a leap of faith and surf with us, and be ready to get all excited when you catch that wave!

The most comprehensive medical responder training dedicated to freedivers and water-activity lovers. It is a must-do for all level freedivers. The FEMR certificate can be used as first-aid certificate required by freediving instructor courses.

Learn to equalize properly with the best equalization expert Jiayin. She’s fixed hundreds of people’s equalization issue by carefully analyzing individual problem and finding the right solution for each person. All you need is the correct guidance and some patience.

Trust me, it works!

Inspired by the French STA champion, Anthony will teach you how to improve your breathhold ability and how to plan your training to achieve your goal.

A breathing methodology aimed to improve your life and to boost your sports performance. Contact us for more details.




Anthony F.


  • AIDA Master instructor
  • AIDA FEMR instructor
  • AIDA Youth program instructor
  • WAVE3 instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage instructor
嘉茵 自潛教練



  • WAVE 2 instructor
  • Frenzel specialist
Michael instructor



  • WAVE 2 instructor
  • Surfing instructor