Train Freediving in Taiwan

High quality training in small class size, led by experienced instructors

To keep progressing, we recommend you to continue training to build on solid skills. VD FREEDIVING offers a wide range of workshops and weekly training in Taiwan(Taipei & Xiaoliuqiu). Chat with us to find out the best training program for you.

Depth / Pool Coaching

Personalized training menu specially designed according to your level and needs, e.g. depth, techniques, specific disciplines. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will make it happen.

  • Maximum depth: 60 metres
  • Student ratio: 1~3 people/ instructor
  • Location: Taipei / XiaoLiuQiu
  • Price: NT$ 1600/session, or NT$ 6000/4 sessions

DEPTH SQUAD: Competition Training

Structured, progressive, and functional training program that aims to bring you from 40+ to solid 60 meters, and prepare you for depth competition. You’ll be ready for depth both physically and mentally.

  • Maximum depth: 60 metres
  • Student ratio: 1~3 people/ instructor
  • Location: XiaoLiuQiu


High intensive pool apnea workout and practices of freediving techniques, based on Molchanovs Base Training contents.

  • The training menu and intensities are managed according to participant’s level
  • Location: Taipei XinYi district Bo-ai Swimming Pool
  • Time: Every Friday 7-9pm
  • Price: NT$ 1000/session

Beginner Pool Practice

For beginner freedivers to practice basic freediving skills such as finning, duck dive, equalization, body positioning and much more. Practice makes perfect. Join this super fun and effective session to get the basics right from the start!

  • Location: Taipei Nangang sports center diving pool or other pool
  • Price: NT$1000/ session

Frenzel Equalization Workshop

For beginner freedivers who are experiencing equalization issues. You’ll learn how to correctly perform clean and effective equalization using Frenzel maneuver, and we will show you how to trouble-shoot when you can’t equalize underwater.

No Fins/STA workshop, and much more

To find out more about our special workshops and other training options, chat with us to see what we can do for you.