Freediving Training Programs

To keep progressing, we recommend you to continue training to build on solid skills. Feel free to chat with us to find out the best training program for you.

For beginner freedivers who are experiencing equalization issues. You’ll learn how to correctly perform clean and effective equalization using Frenzel maneuver, and we will show you how to trouble-shoot when you can’t equalize underwater.

  • It takes time and practice to get the muscle movement right. You’ll be assigned with homework and will need to practice it everyday and share your progress with the instructors
  • Location: Taipei
  • Price: NT$3000. The price includes 1 time beginner group practice (equipment rental fee is extra).
  • Contact us for workshop dates.

For beginner freedivers to practice basic freediving skills such as finning, duck dive, equalization, body positioning and much more. Practice makes perfect. Join this super fun and effective session to get the basics right from the start!

We design the training menu according to your level and needs, e.g. depth, techniques, specific disciplines. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will make it happen.

  • Maximum depth: 60 metres
  • Student ratio: 1~3 people/ instructor
  • Location: Taipei / XiaoLiuQiu
  • Price: NT$ 1600/session, or NT$ 6000/4 sessions
  • You earn Training points!
  • Reserve your spot on the calendar

Highly intensive pool apnea workout and practices of freediving techniques, based on Molchanovs Base Training contents.

  • The training menu and intensities are managed according to participant’s level
  • Location: Taipei Yucheng Park Swimming Pool
  • Price: NT$ 1000/session, or NT$ 3600/4 sessions.
  • You earn Training Points!
  • Reserve your spot on the calendar

Specially designed for freedivers, instructors, and athletes who want to increase breath-hold performance. Learn the special preparation and breathing techniques for static apnea and train for peaking performance.

  • Location: Taipei
  • Price: NT$ 3000
  • Collect Training Points
  • Contact us for workshop dates
Base Training
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I was a looking for a freediver community in Taipei city, and I am so glad I've found VD! I like the fact that the group mixes both western and taiwanese people. And the atmosphere is funny and professional at the same time thanks to Anthony & JiaYin positive energy. I definitely recommend it!
Wave 1
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A wonderful experience. Anthony and Jiayin put use at ease in a sport that can be quite daunting at first. It felt like we were all a team and anyone's success small or big was celebrated. I can't wait to do another course with them to keep learning about freediving and breathing. Thank you !
Base Training
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If you want to learn freediving, you should definitely come here! Amazing experience, amazing teachers!
Richart M.
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Awesome people - Warm welcome - skilled coaches - great stay!



  • We care about your progress and encourage you to continue training with us. Join our training programs and earn points while becoming a better freediver.
  • Earn points on every session training with VD.
  • Redeem points for free coaching/ Base Training sessions.
  • Eligible training programs are coaching, Base Training, and Static Apnea workshop.
  • Points are collected thru VD’s Official Line: @vdfreediving

You can consider joining our Frenzel workshop, beginner group practice, or coaching sessions. To help us further understand the issue you are experiencing, so we can find the right solutions for you, please chat with us.

A continuous training program designed by freediving champion Molchanovs family. The program aims to build on solid freediving skills and make your base stronger thru regular practice. We train on techniques, pool disciplines, apnea workout, stamina, and much more. It is fun, intensive, and physically demanding. Suitable for freedivers who want to improve performance and fine-tune techniques.

Of course. Welcome to the VD family:) We offer weekly pool training and ocean diving sessions. Get in contact now.

VD is operating at Taipei and Xiaoliuqiu island. The course location might change depending on the weather and dive season. Please contact us for details.

Sorry, but no refund will be issued for cancelling the training sessions. You can reschedule the sessions, or give the spot to a friend.

We try our best to keep track of weather reports. If the weather forecast isn’t looking good, the diving sessions will be rescheduled. Stay flexible.

We reserve the right to cancel/ reschedule the sessions if the diving conditions are bad. Safety first, and full stop.

From July to October, typhoons frequently visit Taiwan. It is wise to keep flexible schedule when you sign up for freediving courses or any water activities.

For your safety, and the safety of your dive buddies, it is highly recommended that you know how to swim and be comfortable in the water before attending any freediving activities.