Chaojing Park in Keelung

Chaojing park is a popular dive site about 45 minutes drive north-east of Taipei, at the coast of Keelung. It is located behind the National Marine Science and Technology Musem. There is also a marine research center dedicated to restore the sea life in Chaojing. On weekends, Chaojing is crowded by families with kids as well as divers. Both scuba divers and freedivers love coming here for easy water entry.  The sea life here features abundant coral fish and families of squids, thanks to the hard work of the research center. There is also a public shower /toilet facility and a car park for your convenience. 

How to get to Chaojing from Taipei

  • Driving by yourself is the most convenient way to get to Chaojing.
  • Taking public buses from Keelung and get off at Marine Science Museum.
  • Taking highway bus 2088 from Taipei City Hall and get off at Marine Science Museum.
  • Take a ride with us if the car is not full. We charge NT$200/ per person/ per day for petrol share. 

Chaojing dive season

The bay is open to the north-east. Summer time, from May to September, is the diving season as it is sheltered from wind and waves coming from the south-west direction. Water temperature is normally 26 to 29 degrees. In winter, Chaojing(and nearby divesites) is exposed to the wind, and the water temperature is below 20 degrees. The choppy and cold conditions make the water unsuitable for diving in winter. The depth in Chaojing is around 30M.

Youth Park Swimming Pool

Most of our theory and pool sessions are held in Youth Park Swimming Pool. The outdoor area features a 50M pool perfect for training dynamic, a shallow pool for practicing static apnea, and a 5M deep diving pool where we work on duckdive and equalization skills.

How to get to Youth Park

  • Driving by yourself is the most convenient way, and you can park the car in the Golf Parking.
  • Public buses
  • Ubike