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Premium Carbon Freediving Fins

Handcrafted in Australia

Ultra Lite, Only257g.

Continuum Carbon Fins

With Pathos/Cetma S-Wing footpocket
$ 18900
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Continuum Carbon Blades

Fin blades only
$ 15750
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Meet Danny Hurst :

Three times Australian CWTB record holder and carbon composites engineer.


Continuum Fins aren’t mass produced – they are hand crafted, one pair at a time to ensure you get the perfect fin, tailored to your diving needs.

Continuum Fins +

To maximize the fin performance, Pathos and Cetma S-wing are good choices for footpockets. You can also choose to go with your favorite footpocket brand.

continuum fins patho pocket
continuum fins black rail

How to choose foot pockets?

"Foot pockets can make a huge difference. The most important thing is getting a good fit. If they are too loose you won’t be able to transfer as much energy to the fins. If they are too tight, they won’t be comfortable. A light foot pocket will be the most efficient, but only if it fits you well." - Danny

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Features of good fins

"A good fin feels as though it is part of you when you dive – you get the feedback from it, but you don’t have to think about what you are doing. They should encourage the diver to use good technique without having to think about it too much. The stiffness distribution along the fin is critical for this. You need to be able to feel what the fin is doing and get that feedback from how the fin is moving." - Danny

continuum fins blades

The secret of Continuum

“The secret is making fins that help people to use a good technique without having to think about it. Soft fins can work really well, but you have to get your technique spot on. People will subconsciously alter their technique depending on what fins they are using and how they feel. You need to be able to feel what the fins are doing in the water to be able to use them correctly. Some soft fins can feel like noodles in the water – they are moving with your feet but don’t feel like they are connected to you. What I’m aiming for with Continuum is that feeling of being connected to the water, getting the feedback from what the fins are doing and how you are moving through the water.” – Danny Hurst


Fin stiffness is very subjective. What would feel stiff for a smaller diver would feel soft for a larger diver. A bigger person needs to generate more thrust to move through the water, but a bigger person is generally stronger too, so they can power a stiffer fin with ease. It’s all relative – a bigger and stronger person will need a bigger and stiffer fin.

Say to Continuum

Each pair of Continuum is handmade and tailored to your needs, so share with us your diving profiles, needs, or any questions, and we will get back to you with all the information of your perfect fins. 

  • The estimated waiting time to receive the fins is 1 month. 
  • Fins blades are available in black color only.
  • If you want the foot pockets/rails in a specific color, please indicate in the message column.