NT$ 1600 / NT$ 6000

There is no substitute for coaching. Dive in front of the watchful eyes of our instructors and safely increase your comfort zone. We follow you for each dive and give you feedback to make you more efficient in the water. 

Course information

Each freediver is different with an unique learning curve. We specialise in individually focused training method and help you fine-tune techniques without the stress of number in mind. Discuss with us your current progress, and we will design the best training menu for you.

NT1600 per session, or NT6000 for 4 sessions.

The price is inclusive of

  • Travel insurance on ocean coaching days
  • Equipment
  • Pool admission fee (if any)
  • 18 years old and above
  • In good health condition
  • Able to swim
  • Have done freediving before

To excel in freediving requires regular training. Join our training program and continue to develop solid freediving skills.

Base training

  • NT$ 1000/ per session
  • NT$ 3500/ 4 sessions

Ocean coaching

  • NT$ 1600/ per session
  • NT$ 6000/ 4 sessions

Wanna become a better freediver?

We limit the number of participants for the best training quality. Please reserve your spot in advance.