Weekly Base Training

NT$ 1000/ NT$ 3500

VD is proud to be the first one in Taiwan to introduce Base Training to the freediving community. It is also the best place for regular pool apnea workout in Taiwan. Our community is a mix of international and Taiwanese freedivers. Training contents and intensity are designed according to each individual’s level. Join us and train with the best.

Course information

We follow the guideline of Molchanovs Base Training materials, combining with our unique apnea workout and pool games. The training consists of all levels, and the intensity is managed according to each freediver’s capability to ensure the best result. There will be a new theme each week, and we focus on fine-tuning the technique step by step. The aim is to build a solid foundation through regular practice. Here are some of the training examples:

  • Fine-tune finning techniques.
  • Monofin and dolphin kicks
  • Dynamic no fins
  • Static apnea 
  • Dynamic apnea
  • Physical pool workout
  • Apnea games

Our Base Train has become one of the most successful programs because of its effectiveness. People are often wowed by how much they have progressed over a period of time. Consistency is the key. In order to achieve the best result, we recommend you to come regularly and make training a habit. Moreover, you will become part of the awesome community. If you are just passing by Taipei and would like to find a place to train, we also welcome you to drop in anytime. 

The price is NT1000 if you pay per session, or NT3500 for 4 sessions.

The price is inclusive of

  • Equipment (the best will be to have your own, of course)
  • Pool admission fee
  • 18 years old and above
  • In good health condition
  • Able to swim
  • Have done freediving before

To excel in freediving requires regular training. Join our training program and continue to develop solid freediving skills.

Base training

  • NT$ 1000/ per session
  • NT$ 3500/ 4 sessions

Ocean coaching

  • NT$ 1600/ per session
  • NT$ 6000/ 4 sessions

Ready to rock the pool?

To maintain the quality of training, we limit the number of participants. Please reserve your spot in advance.