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Premium English Freediving Courses & Instructor Training in Taiwan

Fantastic course and amazing instructors. They run regular training in Taipei, too. This is the perfect place to learn freediving in Taiwan. But they're often fully booked, so be quick!

Molchanovs & AIDA freediving courses

Teaching & Promoting Freediving Since 2018

VD FREEDIVING is a team of passionate instructors that promotes solid freediving training in Taipei and XiaoLiuQiu island, Taiwan. AIDA & Molchanovs freediving courses from beginner to instructor level are offered, as well as customized depth training program tailored to individuals.

The training is available in English, French, and Mandarin, and is held in small class size. We understand that freediving is a personal journey, and we are here with you every step of the way.


freediving instructor antho


  • Molchanovs instructor trainer、W4i
  • AIDA instructor trainer、Master instructor、 FEMR instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage master instructor
freediving instructor jiayin


  • Molchanovs W3 instructor


  • Molchanovs W2 instructor
  • Surfing coach


  • AIDA instructor
  • Molchanovs W2 instructor

I was a looking for a freediver community in Taipei city, and I am so glad to find VD! The group mixes both western and Taiwanese people. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional thanks to Anthony & JiaYin's super energy. I definitely recommend it!

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YES. To sign up for any courses, you need to be able to swim comfortably at least 200m.

We offer depth coaching, weekly pool training, and workshops to all-levels freedivers. Contact our instructors to get the latest training schedule.

When taking a course with us, you will be certified under Molchanovs upon successfully passing all requirements.

If you also want an AIDA certificate, it will cost extra NT800 to cover the certification fee.

All the courses should be completed within 1 year, from the day of start.

We have 2 locations: Taipei & Xiaoliuqiu. Contact us to find out the best arrangement for you.

The dive season in Taipei only opens from late MAY to early September. The rest of the year is too cold and not ideal for training. If you miss the summer, you can continue your training in Xiaoliuqiu with us, which is a small tropical island at the south-west of Taiwan, easily accessible by HSR and ferry.

The water there is warm and suitable for diving all-year-round. In fact, winter is the best diving season in Xiaoliuqiu, when the sky is blue, temperature is warm, and the water is crystal-clear. So plan your holiday now!

We try our best to keep track of weather reports. If the weather forecast isn’t looking good, the diving sessions will be rescheduled. Stay flexible.

We reserve the right to cancel/ reschedule any training if the diving conditions are bad. Safety first, and full stop.

From July to October, typhoons frequently visit Taiwan. It is wise, very wise indeed, to keep a flexible schedule and understanding mindset when you sign up for freediving courses or any water activities in Taiwan during summer.

All our training are done in small class size. Please make sure you’re committed to the course before signing up, otherwise you’re taking away other people’chance to practice freediving.

After the course starts, no refund will be issued if you can’t complete the course due to not being able to swim or not being able to manage your own schedule. 

If the course has to be canceled due to bad weather conditions, refund will be issued after deducting the expenses.

Actually, we are not more expensive if you compare the  quality of training and the contents you learn.

All our courses are designed to enhance your learning experience, and they are WAY LONGER than the standard 3-days course you get anywhere else. At VD, you will get more water time, more practice, and of course, more progression.

We offer freediving training like no one else in Taiwan. Why? Because it costs a lot to run courses like we do, but we do it anyway, because we care. 

100 % yes. We offer a wide range of training programs, from weekly pool practice to depth training camp. Contact us to see what we can do for you.