Get Ready for VD’s Master Program

VD Freedivimng Taiwan master program (AIDA 4, WAVE 3)

Our Master Program is the crown jewel of our school. We are continuously studying, training, and striving to enhance it. We’ve crafted the course we wish we’d had access to when we were in your shoes. Embarking on this course is not a standard experience. It’s rigorous and demanding, but the rewards are immense. More […]

Pre-Master breathhold training : road to 3m30s.

How to Get ready for the VD Freediving Taiwan master course

Introduction I often ask my students if they enjoy static apnea. Most of the time, the answer is a resounding ‘no.’ This is mainly because they rarely practice it and only push to pass their requirements when taking a new course. However, You must train in Static Apnea. It’s the foundation of freediving, and it […]