Molchanovs freediving instructor course: “A quick look into it from a brand new instructor trainer”

Molchanovs Instructor course in Xiaoliuqiu Taiwan
Molchanovs Instructor course in Xiaoliuqiu Taiwan

Freediving Instructor course: “From a brand new Molchanovs Instructor trainer point of view”

We are 7 days Into the Molchanovs freediving instructor course, halfway through it. But I could not wait until the end to write something about it. That was such a great experience!

I was extremely impatient to start the course. I studied a lot, prepared everything, and organized. That is something I do, I get ready, and I do not leave too much space for improvisation when it comes to teaching freediving. Organizing a course, and implementing it with my own knowledge and the resources available around makes sense to me. 

When the day finally came, I had the classroom ready, with a video projector, all the docs printed, and the mindset to make these three amazing instructors candidates the best ever. I was more than ready and confident I was going to do a great course. 

I have been into freediving for many years and I like to believe I have acquired, during these countless hours of training and teaching, a great deal of experience. And, between you and me, nothing can replace hard work, passion, and total dedication when it comes to becoming excellent at something. I had and I have all that.

Molchanovs freediving is the top education system in the freediving game. I am aiming for excellence so becoming a Molchanovs Instructor trainer was the logical evolution of my career.

Giving this instructor course also confirmed what I already knew, I f..king rock in the Instructor trainer’s foot pockets. This job makes complete sense to me.

What is the real purpose of a Freediving instructor course?

The purpose of the Molchanovs instructor course is not to beat your PB. It is not a workshop where you will improve your “Mouthfill”. You should be ready to pass all the requirements with a perfect technique. At the same time, it is way more than just learning how to teach. You should keep in mind that an instructor course is this special place where your dream comes true, where you get serious about freediving by becoming a professional. It is where you give a chance to something magical, way beyond the definition of sport. But that just the ones who have been there will understand.

When I talk about my life in Xialiuqiu to my friends they do not get it. They simply cannot. As only the ones who have dived deep can understand, only the ones who have taught freediving can really wrap their head around it and understand how beautiful, challenging, and humbling it is.

Freediving Instructor: No place for Ego

Yes, I said humbling. Because if you want to become a freediving instructor to shine then you missed the point. This is not the moment for you to be under the spotlight. It is your student’s turn. You are here to help another human being to grow and progress. Your mission is to do everything you can to help this « lost soul » to find his/her depth. It is not about you anymore, not about your ego, not about your PB or your achievements. It is about you guiding somebody else on the path you took years ago. This same path wich changed you so much that you have decided to become an instructor.

Freediving instructor: The rewards

By doing this right, you will get the most amazing rewards. You will witness people’s joy and pride, you will gain friends and you will also be led by them to become the best freediver you can be. Yes, do not think it is just a one-way deal. Your students will always teach you something…if you know how to listen… But just the ones who have been there can really understand…So What are you waiting for?

Change your life and become a Molchanovs Instructor!!!

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