LiuQiu Cup Depth Game Series ✷ 2024 Summer

\Planning & Execution/

  • Organizer: VD Freediving
  • Head Coordinator: Coach Liu Jiacheng (Buff)
  • Co-organizer: Xinthai Yachting

About this brand-new depth competition:

We aim to promote positive and safe freediving training practices in Taiwan, by limiting the depth to within 50 meters. This allows beginner and intermediate freedivers to participate in official competitions with enthusiasm. Regardless of depth, everyone can experience the fun of competition. We also use the event as an opportunity to encourage regular training, improve skill levels, and raise safety awareness.

\Liuqiu Cup Highlights/

⟡ ❶ Fast speed boat with a counter ballast system, providing world-class safety setup.

⟡ ❷ Depth limited to within 50 meters, suitable for beginners and intermediate freedivers to test their skills. Also perfect for those who have never competed to use as a warm-up competition.

⟡ ❸ Adhering to AIDA rules.

⟡ ❹ A small and friendly competition with few participants, approach it like a training dive, participate happily without stress.

Event Location : Xiao Liuqiu

Registration Opens: 6/22 (Saturday) 19:00

Register to the competition here :

└→ Competition Registration Link

You MUST set up an AIDA athlete profile before registering to the competition. Set up here :

└→ AIDA Registration

You need to submit your AIDA athlete page link when signing up to the competition. Please prepare in advance to avoid any delays.

Event Dates:

  • 7/26: Simulation Competition (same setup as the official competition, open participation, additional cost)
  • 7/26 Afternoon: Pre-competition briefing
  • 7/27: Official Competition Day, one dive per day
  • 7/28: Backup Date

Disciplines (choose one to participate):

  • FIM (Free Immersion)
  • CWTB (Constant Weight with Bi-fins)
  • CWT (Constant Weight)
  • CNF (Constant No Fins)

Rewards: Separate categories for men and women. Prizes and medals will be rewarded to the first place in each discipline. All participants receive a T-shirt. Prize details to be announced.

Participant Limit: 15 participants in total (8 prize slots, 50% chance of winning!)


  • No previous depth competition record or competition record within 55 meters
  • Must be 18 years old (16-18 years old need guardian consent)
  • Must be physically and mentally healthy (an AIDA official diving medical certificate should be submitted at the pre-comp briefing)

Registration Fee: NTD 5000

How to Register:

  1. Follow VD Instagram for competition announcements
  2. Fill out the registration form (6/22 19:00)
  3. VD will send a confirmation email to successful candidates / show a waiting list
  4. Payment to be made within 24 hours
  5. Waiting list participants move up and complete payment
  6. VD announces the final list of participants

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Cancel before 6/30 23:59 for a 100% refund.
  • Cancel before 7/07 23:59 for a 50% refund (NTD 2500).
  • Cancel after 7/08 00:00, no refund (100% of the total fee).

If the competition cannot be held on the 27th due to natural disasters or weather conditions, it will be postponed to the 28th. Any transportation, accommodation, etc. costs incurred during this period must be handled and borne by the participants.

Other Notes:

  • Due to the limited space on the boat, athletes can not bring their own coach onboard.
  • Participants must be responsible for preparing their own equipment.
  • To cancel registration, contact VD Freediving.
  • Participants must complete the AIDA official medical questionnaire.
  • According to AIDA rules, participants who wish to appeal a competition decision must pay an appeal fee of NTD 1800. If the appeal is successful, the fee will be refunded; if unsuccessful, the fee will be forfeited.
  • If we cannot register your results due to incomplete personal account verification, the organizer is not responsible (please use your passport name for official AIDA registration).
  • The maximum announced depth will be the athlete’s personal best + 3 meters.
  • VD reserves the final interpretation rights of the event.