Get Ready for VD’s Master Program

VD Freedivimng Taiwan master program (AIDA 4, WAVE 3)

Our Master Program is the crown jewel of our school. We are continuously studying, training, and striving to enhance it. We’ve crafted the course we wish we’d had access to when we were in your shoes.

Embarking on this course is not a standard experience. It’s rigorous and demanding, but the rewards are immense. More than just a student, you will become a cherished friend and a valued member of the VD Freediving family.

OK, let’s get you ready.

Medical Questionaire and Liability Form

It’s important! Download and read through the medical and liability forms. If you have any medical conditions, please consult a doctor and have your doctor sign the paper before starting the course.

ger ready for your Molchanovs Wave 3 with VD Freediving Taiwan

AIDA 4 Manual

Download Here 14

Pre-Master Static Apnea Training

How to hold your breath longer?


Equalization Exercises

Practice these great exercises to improve your equalization

Mental Techniques

How to visualize a 40 meters CWTb dive?
How to visualize a 40 meters FIM dive?
30 minutes of guided mindfulness meditation


How to stretch your riobcage to dive deep?
best diaphragm workout for freediving
Full body stretching routine to do before a dive

Breathing muscles workout

Breathing muscles workout porogram

Advanced Apnea Exercises

Advanced apnea walk exercise to simulate deep dive.


FIM freefall transition
CWTb freefall transition
CNF freefall transition

DNF Technique

Sculling exercise for DNF
Sculling exercise 3 position for DNF
Fists Swimming for DNF technique practice
Legs stroke exercise for DNF

Extra Knowledge

Juani Valdivia's interview about freediving injuries
4 weeks dry static training by Anthony
Fixing your diving line on the spot

What’s Next?

Aida and Molchanovs Freediving instructor Course