Becoming a freediving instructor: AIDA v.s. Molchanovs

AIDA vs. Molchanovs Freediving Instructor Courses at VD Freediving Taiwan

Starting a journey to become an instructor with VD Freediving lets you explore the top-notch training programs of AIDA and Molchanovs. As you begin this important journey, a big choice is ahead. Your decision will be significantly influenced by the different teaching materials each program offers to students and what you prefer as a future instructor. Both programs have tough standards for those wanting to become instructors, ensuring you get the best training and knowledge. Plus, VD Freediving lets you switch between these programs when ready, giving you a varied and rich teaching experience. Here, we give you a quick look at what each program has to offer:

AIDA Freediving Instructor Course

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The AIDA system is super popular in Taiwan and worldwide, thanks to its clear levels and easy-to-meet starting requirements. If you’re looking for a program that perfectly mixes classroom learning with real, hands-on training and doesn’t have too hard starting requirements, then the AIDA course is a great pick. This course makes it easier for newbies by not including CNF (Constant Weight, No Fins) and DNF (Dynamic No Fins) in the early stages. But remember, if you want to be an instructor, you’ll need to show you can dive up to 20m using CNF and do a 50m DNF.

Moreover, AIDA offers a wide array of opportunities for specialization, enabling you to create specific courses to add to your curriculum and teach at your school. For example, you might choose the Monofin specialization course or train to become an AIDA competition judge and lead the professional safety competition course. Additionally, you can obtain the Youth certification to instruct children or the First Emergency Freediving Responder Instructor certification. Undoubtedly, AIDA is dedicated to helping its instructors succeed and thrive in their careers.

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Molchanovs Freediving Instructor Course

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On the other hand, the Molchanovs Movement, founded by freediving legends Alexey Molchanov and Natalia Molchanova, offers a distinctively community-driven and personalized approach to training. While it sets higher initial requirements, this system is celebrated for its ability to nurture continuous progress finely tuned to individual needs and strengths. The Molchanovs program is known for creating a tight-knit community of freedivers who share a passion for pushing their limits while ensuring safety remains a top priority. This camaraderie and shared dedication can be deeply rewarding for those who thrive in a supportive environment.

Additionally, Molchanovs instructors enjoy various perks, including the opportunity to sell Molchanovs gear at discounted rates, making it more accessible to their students. This adds a practical dimension to their role and allows them to provide students with quality equipment tailored to their specific needs.

In addition to this, Molchanovs boasts a remarkable online platform. Instructors and students have access to a comprehensive website with invaluable resources. This platform is a treasure trove of knowledge, from foundational training materials to advanced techniques. Instructors can leverage these resources to guide their students through any challenges they may encounter during their freediving journey, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive learning experience.

What truly sets Molchanovs apart is its commitment to staying at the forefront of freediving education. The world’s top freedivers actively contribute to this educational system’s ongoing refinement and expansion. This ensures that Molchanovs remains at the cutting edge of freediving techniques, safety protocols, and teaching methods. Instructors, thus, have the privilege of being part of a dynamic and continuously evolving community that shares the latest insights and innovations in freediving.

In summary, choosing between AIDA and Molchanovs depends on your preferences as an instructor and the kind of training experience you seek. While AIDA offers a comprehensive program with unique specialization opportunities, Molchanovs provides a close-knit community and personalized instruction. Both systems offer distinct advantages, ultimately enriching the world of freediving and supporting the growth of instructors in their respective ways. At VD Freediving, we grant you the golden opportunity to explore both paths, molding you into an instructor knowledgeable of both teaching methodologies and philosophies.

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