Finding Myself in the Depths: The Transformative Power of Freediving

A peaceful and beautiful underwater world, a representation of the serenity found in freediving


Freediving, getting really popular in Taiwan and everywhere, is often just seen as something super risky. Some attention-seeking websites even rank it as the second most dangerous thing after base jumping! Yeah, diving deep into the ocean on a single breath might sound nuts, but to me, it’s so much more. It’s a whole adventure, kind of spiritual even, and a lifestyle. It’s about digging deep inside myself while also exploring the ocean’s depths. I freedive to confront my fears because tackling challenges helps me transform. I wouldn’t say ‘better,’ but into someone different, someone I’m proud to be. I’m definitely not some daredevil trying to cheat death; actually, it’s the opposite – I freedive to celebrate life.

My Journey into Freediving

I kicked off this whole breath-hold journey nine years ago. And honestly, I wasn’t exactly a natural. I ran into every problem a newbie can face. I struggled with equalizing, felt super scared, my lungs were wrecked from 25 years of heavy smoking, my body was a mess from a wild lifestyle traveling the world, and my mind… well, let’s just say it could’ve been in a better place. Freediving saved me, no doubt about it. It gave me a purpose, a direction, and man, I went all IN with no backup plan. Freediving became my everything. Over time, with a ton of dedication, discipline, hard work, and studying, I went from being an unhealthy, not-so-aquatic person to a deep diver, a top-notch educator, an AIDA and Molchanovs instructor trainer and coach for my Taiwanese pals at Vertical Blue.

A transformative journey captured in snapshots, showcasing my evolution through the years of dedication to freediving

A New Beginning

Freediving was more than just a dive into the ocean; it was my path to becoming a new person, bit by bit, step by step. It was not just a sport, it was a complete reset, a fresh start in life. This journey has been a rebirth for me, reshaping every aspect of my existence, right from altering my diet to refining the very essence of my lifestyle. It sculpted me into a beacon of resilience and endurance, nurturing physical prowess and mental fortitude.

Now, I find myself invigorated, embracing life with newfound vigor and zest. This is more than a journey of self-discovery; it’s a story of personal evolution, of morphing into a version of myself I am proud to be.

I freedive because i am also making a lot of friends

Now, Why You Should Freedive

In today’s busy, tech-heavy world, freediving comes up as a quiet, calming break, calling you back to simpler, natural times. Imagine swapping the constant buzz of your phone for the soothing sounds of the ocean, and the glare of screens for the gentle glow of sun rays filtering through clear waters.

If your daily job is a never-ending whirlwind of stress and tight deadlines, freediving can be your breather, a refreshing break where time slows down. Here, you get to be in tune with the easy flow of the sea, a place where you can find joy in simple moments, far away from the rush of everyday life.

For those who feel stuck in the cramped spaces of city life, the open sea is there to offer a big, blue space to roam, a nice change from the small, busy urban spaces we know all too well. It gives you a chance to rebuild a connection with nature, a bond that’s often lost in our modern lives.

And let’s not forget the health perks that come with the sport. At a time when we’re sitting more than ever, the full-body exercise that freediving gives can be the perfect fix. It helps build better physical health and also encourages a quiet mind and focus, helping to fight the common issues of modern life like anxiety and depression.

So, are you considering where to start this exciting and refreshing journey? Well, you’re in the right place. I’m Anthony, your guide on this deep-sea adventure, ready to help you explore both the ocean and yourself. I will make sure your freediving journey is safe, enriching, and unforgettable. Through my own ups and downs, I’ve slowly changed, becoming not just a skilled diver but also a teacher who knows just how much this sport can change a person’s life.

Join me, and together let’s embark on an extraordinary adventure where you can rediscover yourself, foster new friendships, and witness the mesmerizing beauty the ocean has to hold. There’s a whole new world waiting for you, teeming with wonders and tranquility. Don’t just dream about it; dive in, the ocean is ready to welcome you with open arms.

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