The Future Of Freediving?

Does the freediving education system matter?

There is no definitive answer to which freediving education system is the best. Some people claim that the system does not matter and that only the instructor’s skill is essential, but those with experience running a freediving school may disagree. 

The role of a freediving instructor

All systems offer the same fundamental knowledge packaged differently. When learning something new, the instructors play a vital role in your education. They add their philosophy, giving you a deeper understanding. Their experience and expertise can provide valuable insights and a unique perspective you may not have considered otherwise. They will help you develop perfect skills by identifying your strengths and weaknesses through guidance, feedback, and practice.

The system matters for a freediving school. 

However, the system does matter when it comes to marketing and developing your school. When arriving in Taiwan with Jiayin, we were Apnea Total instructors in an AIDA territory, and we soon realized we were in for a tough ride.

Although Apnea Total is an excellent education system, that focuses on the learning process and takes away the stress of reaching a specific depth, it was not well-suited for the Taiwanese market, where students have more time to train and want to prove they have reached a new level by passing the requirements.

We had a choice to make: stick with Apnea Total and try to develop its philosophy or analyze the market and adapt. We lived off our savings during the first year, essentially losing money. Although we loved teaching Apnea Total, we needed to pay rent, eat, and develop our school. We realized that it was necessary to change the system to fit the Taiwanese market to make money, keep teaching, and improve our skills. The only way to become great at something is to teach it, period.

So even though the knowledge is the same across freediving education systems, the popularity of a system in your teaching area will play a crucial role in your success or failure.

While changing the system does not guarantee success, it does give you a starting advantage. We went to Bali to train and prepare for the crossovers to AIDA and Molchanovs. These two systems changed our business for good, and a few months later, we received our first salary of $300 each. Although it may seem like a small amount, it was a fantastic feeling to have some success finally.

In terms of knowledge, the system you teach does not matter. You are the one who makes your course great, not the system. However, in terms of success and being able to sell courses, it does matter. 

Do not let go of your creativity.

My passion lies in sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I’ve developed a burning desire to do it in my unique way through courses that will inspire the next generation of freedivers. This led me to create “The ten days master program filled with dry training and extra knowledge,” “The Depth Squad competition-oriented Training,” “A Freediving Training Camp for all levels,” and a few other surprises that will be unveiled soon. Crafting these courses has been a labor of love, as I’ve poured all of my expertise into ensuring that they will enable divers to dive deeper and stay safe.

Sure, I had to adapt to the ever-changing market, but I refused to let go of my creativity and vision. I wanted to create courses people were excited to take that aligned with my beliefs about freediving. It wasn’t always easy, but I kept pushing forward, never losing sight of why I started in the first place.

What will be the future of The freediving education world?

How can we expect freediving education to evolve in the future? AIDA’s slow updates have caused their manuals to become increasingly outdated. As a result, Molchanovs has taken advantage of this opportunity and become the new trendy sensation in the freediving world with top-notch knowledge and brilliant philosophy. However, it remains to be seen if Molchanovs can maintain their position in the long run.

The future of successful freediving schools may rely on their ability to break away from traditional education systems. While this may seem like a far-fetched idea, I firmly believe that what truly matters is not the curriculum itself, but the knowledge and expertise of the great educators who offer mentorship and unlock the doors to a world beyond just a sport, to this sacred connection between ourselves and the deep blue, where life began over 3.5 billion years ago.