Freediving instructor: the world best job!

Freediving instructor coaching a Static apnea session

As I stand on the beach, I am reminded of why I fell in love with freediving in the first place. The ocean is my office; every day, I explore its depths, discover its secrets, and teach others to do the same. I am grateful for this opportunity and never take it for granted.

As a freediving instructor, my days are always different. One day, I might teach a beginner how to properly equalize their ears, while the next, I could be coaching a professional athlete to break a record. However, my passion and patience remain the same regardless of who I work with.

My love for freediving began unexpectedly years ago when I stumbled upon the Australian national freediving competition in Tulamben. As I watched the athletes dive, something inside me sparked. I knew that I had to try it for myself. From that moment on, my life was forever changed.

Freediving is not just a sport to me; it is a way of life. It has taught me so much about myself and the world around me. Through the challenges I have faced on my journey, I have learned the importance of discipline, focus, and kindness. But above all, I have learned the value of patience.

As someone who has always sought instant gratification, freediving forced me to slow down. It is a sport that demands respect and requires a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. It is not about touching down and the number on the dive computer; it is about the journey.

As I work with my students, I impart this same sense of patience and gratitude. Each student is unique, with their own set of challenges and goals. My job as an instructor is to adapt my teaching style to each individual, to help them overcome their fears, and to push them to be the best version of themselves.

Being a freediving instructor is more than just teaching others how to dive. It is about sharing a way of life, a passion, and a mindset. It is about inspiring others to explore the unknown, push their limits, and appreciate the beauty of the ocean.

Every time I dive into the deep blue, I am reminded why I do what I do. The weightlessness, the peace of the underwater world, and the thrill of exploration all remind me of the beauty and magic of freediving. And as I rise to the surface, taking in a deep breath of air, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and purpose that is hard to put into words.

Having the ocean as my office is a calling. And I am grateful every day for the opportunity to do what I love, share my passion with others, and explore the incredible world that lies beneath the surface of the sea.

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