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我不是來分享我的潛水故事。真正重要的是 : 我何時成為一位真正的自由潛水員? 並不是從我在峇里島上第一堂潛水課開始,也不是在我拿到教練證的時候。而是當我的世界開始圍繞著一顆橘色浮球打轉時,當我每天順著一條銀白色繩子忙上忙下時,天天扛著十公斤的底鉛時,我才真正成為一位自由潛水員。 當我在台灣與中國之間的台灣海峽經營著VD Freediving Taiwan:全職教學模式『開啟』,我才真正成為一位專業的Freediver。








As I stare at the white page, thinking about the best way to start this text, a famous quote comes to my mind: « If you want to master something, teach it.» When it comes to freediving, Nothing can be more true for me.

I am not going to tell you my whole freediving story. What matters is when I became a true freediver. That transformation did not start at my first course in Bali. It even did not begin when I got my first instructor certificate. I became a Freediver, capital F, and seawater in the veins when my whole world started revolving around an orange buoy, a white rope, and a 10kg bottom weight. Planet Earth – Taiwan Strait and South China Sea – VD Freediving Taiwan: The Full-time teaching mode was “ON.”

That was the pivot point.

Having the responsibility of students, a business to run, the ambition of being successful, and being great at what I am doing forced me to Dive deeper into every layer that incredible sport is made off. And the more you dive, the more you discover new things to learn, opening a new series of layers. Learning never stopped.

As new instructors, get ready to have your mind blown away because, believe me, you do not grasp even 10% of what freediving is and how it is going to change you profoundly. Understand that the person who learns the most in the classroom is you. No matter how experienced you are as an instructor, you will always be a student.

Being an active Freediving instructor made me the best freediver I could ever dream of becoming, and I really cherish the feeling that it is and always will be a work in progress. The limit is not the bottom of the Ocean simply because becoming a professional armed you with a shovel, and you will start digging.

You start your instructor course with me soon. I will teach you everything you need to start your professional underwater journey with confidence. I guarantee you will build strong teaching foundations. You will be great. Then, becoming Excellent will be on you.

Work hard, be curious, passionate, and humble. Keep Training, learning, and experimenting.

The Freediving world needs you.

Welcome To the VD Freediving’s Instructor Course.