Airofit, the vital lung capacity game-changer for motivated freedivers

Airofit breathing trainer. The best on the market


I am a professional freediver. Breathwork, training my CO2 tolerance, improving my hypoxic response, stretching my breathing muscles, and reducing my lung’s residual volume are what I do daily. I am always craving new knowledge, new types of training that can make me a better instructor and extend my time of enjoyment underwater.

For years I have been doing specific stretching to be able to stack more air in my lungs. Stretching is important to increase your “tank’s size” and helps you to fill it by avoiding any physical tension. Stretching full lungs, empty lungs, the bottle stretch, packing, reverse packing…name it, and you can be sure I did it. But after years of practice, my vital capacity reached a plateau. I had to find a new way of training to keep improving.

Here is where the Airofit device entered my game.

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The Airofit Review

At first, I thought it was pretty expensive, and I was not enthusiastic about spending 300$ on a fancy gadget. The advertisements kept popping up on my Facebook. I checked the reviews and, it fired up my curiosity. I finally decided to give it a go. I was looking for something new, and thought f…k it, let’s spend some money. After all, they have this 45 days risk-free money-back guarantee. They are very confident I will like it or bet on me being too lazy to send it back. Good job on the Airofit advertisement campaign; it worked, you got me.

And, they were right (on me liking it, not me being lazy). The “fancy” black and red device appeared to be excellent to boost my performance. Two months of training later, my vital capacity passed from 6.1 liters to an astonishing 8.7 liters. This improvement was above any of my expectations. Honestly, I could not imagine it was possible to have this kind of progress.

Vital Lung Capacity Progression from 8th March 2021 to 3rd May 2021

8th March 2021 Vital lung capacity 6.1 liters

Airofit training programs lung test

3rd May 2021 Vital lung capacity 8.7 liters

Lung capacity Airofit training sessions (mobile app)

Video of my 8.7 liters vital lung capacity

I realized that stretching was not enough. Giving more room for my lungs to expand was insufficient. These muscles required more than flexibility. They were hungry for a badass workout. 

There are many “lungs trainers” on the market, and I am sure they are doing an excellent job. However, Airofit is the only one providing you with data. The breathing device connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Together they will give you accurate measurements. You will assess your vital capacity, your inspiratory and expiratory strength. You will get direct feedback on your progress and will be sure that your hard work is paying off.

On top of that, you get a lot of guided exercises organized in specific programs. They are fun and keep you motivated. Simply Awesome.

What is precisely Airofit breathing trainer?

Airofit Pro is a breathing trainer (Device) + a virtual coach (Mobile app)

The first connects to the second via Bluetooth.

Airofit PRO Breathing Trainer 

Airofit device ( Airofit breathing trainer)

There are three parts:

  1. A removable mouthpiece (easy to clean)
  2. The main breathing piece. On each side, you got two wheels you use to adjust the airflow resistance.
  3. The Bluetooth part which sends information to the Virtual coach on your phone (you need to think to remove it before passing the whole thing under the water tap)


It is very light and looks solid. I thought the mouthpiece would be destroyed after a few weeks of training. But after almost three months, the airofit mouthpiece is still brand new ( and there is an extra one in the box).

Virtual Breathing Coach ( Mobile App compatible with iOS and Android)

Airofit Mobile app

The app is well made and will guide you through different programs. Each has a specific training purpose (respiratory strength, vital lung capacity, anaerobic threshold, special training for particular sports including football, cycling, running, even golf) and counts 24 training sessions. The three levels of difficulty make the training very progressive and never too hard. The simplicity of the app design makes it easy to follow the exercises and, if it is not crystal clear for you, they added video tutorials to explain each of them. You simply cannot go wrong.

Buy Airofit with a discount and a 45 days risk-free money-back guarantee here

How much respiratory training should you do per day?

Training with Airofit Pro is fun, but it is also quite intense. In the beginning, I was training too much. When I was diving, my diaphragm was tired and stiff. I just took some days off and started again using Airofit. Only this time, I took it easy. Like everything else, it is essential not to overdo it. I stick now to 10 minutes to 15 minutes a day for six days a week. I keep one day resting.

Do I regret buying Airofit Pro?

The only thing I could regret would be not to have bought it before. The improvement of my lung’s vital capacity is outstanding. My breathing is better than ever, at rest but also during intense physical activity. Like all the other muscles, breathing muscles get tired. By working out, they become more resistant to fatigue. I did not just improve my freediving skills. I also improved my running and increased the intensity I train in the gym. 

Which one is my favorite airofit exercise?

Among all the exercises available in the Virtual coach, there are two I Love.

The first one is holding my breath after a full exhale ( Residual volume), and the second one is hyperventilation training ( intense workout for the breathing muscles).

Airofit empty lungs breath-hold training

Airofit Hyperventilation training


Airofit has been a massive asset in my new freediving training routine. My Vital capacity improved fast (40% in two months), my breathing has never been so sharp. The lungs trainer linked with the virtual coach has been a game-changer because I finally found the best way to train my breathing muscles in terms of time (10 to 20 minutes a day) and efficiency. We all want to ensure that the hours we invest practicing are paying us back with significant improvement. With Airofit, you can see it. It is not based on feeling but on measurable data.

During these years, I realized an essential part of my training plan was missing: The breathing workout.

I do not believe that you can achieve this kind of progress just by stretching and definitively not with packing. I am convinced that every freediver should not forget to give a badass workout to his/her breathing muscles. I have no doubt about its amazing benefits, in or out of the water.

If you want to give it a go you can get the Airofit with a discount and a 45 days risk-free money-back guarantee here.

Boost your performance with only 10 minutes of breathwork a day
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