English-speaking freediving instructors in Taiwan

Want to learn freediving while living in Taiwan? Are you looking for freediving instructors who offer courses in English language? Here is a list of dive shops and their English-speaking instructors! The order is arranged according to their main service cities, from North to South. Enjoy the dive!

Instructors that offer English freediving courses

VD Freediving Taiwan / Anthony & Jiayin & Michael

VD is a team of passionate instructors that promotes solid freediving training in Taipei and XiaoLiuQiu island, Taiwan. AIDA & Molchanovs courses from beginner to instructor level are offered, as well as customized training program. Chat with us to find more information about our training camp, weekly pool training, depth coaching, and many more workshops.

Service area: Taipei & Xiaoliuqiu

Salty Mind Freediving / Pinky & Kristina & Sabina

We offer courses for introductory-level, beginner, and intermediate freedivers. Practice continuously and master freediving skills through progressive courses.

Service area: Taipei & Xiaoliuqiu

Soulfree Freediving and Yoga / Joanna Fong

Hi, I am Joanna. I was born and educated in Hong Kong and after that I moved to the Bay Area, California for work and had lived in the States for over a decade. My life journey led me from US to Taiwan because of my love of water and ocean. As I transition from my corporate job as the Head of Marketing at an international company, I became a freedive instructor and yoga teacher.

Soulfree offers Freediving class in three languages- Joanna speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Theory and pool classes are held in Taipei City. Open water training will be flexible based on students’ needs.

Service area: Taipei & Taichung

Bear Freediving / Ching

AIDA & Molchanovs instructor. Customized course arrangement and flexible review session after the course.


Service area: Taichung & XiaoLiuqiu (for open water)

Freedive Nomad / Ray

1-on-1 freediving courses, customized training and flexible schedule.

Service area: Xiaoliuqiu

Co-diving / Loic

AIDA Freediving course, fun dive, discovery.


Service area: Xiaoliuqiu

漁生 Okeano / Howey Wang

Hi, I’m Howey. Former special operation force. Now is a Freediving instructor, professional surfer, photographer. If you looking for opportunity to have some salty water in your life. Then I’m the guy how can Guide you into the blue.


Service area: Kenting & Hengchun

Final Thoughts

We often get this question: “How should I choose the instructor?”, “Can you recommend me which system to take?”

Honestly, there is no simple answer. Learning freediving is to learn a new set of motor skills. It could be quite challenging for most of the people, and you will be performing all that crazy tricks while holding your breath! You’ll definitely wish to get lot of practice in a comfortable and safe environment. The honest answer for beginners, is to do your first course with a reputable instructor. The quality of instructing is important, as well as the amount of practices you get during the learning period.

When you become more advanced in freediving, you can start looking for a real experienced “coach”, for example, Anthony at VD Freediving. (oh excuse me, but I’m not joking) A good coach will not only know a great deal of knowledge, but also understand how to bring out the best of the athletes…and this is what we, VD Freediving, are famous for.

Don’t over think it! Just get in contact with a good instructor and start diving now!